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Cindy Noble

All my life, I've been interested in science, the natural world, and space.  I earned my Bachelors of Science degree in Planetary Science from Caltech, where I studied earthquakes and worked, briefly, in the unmanned space program--researching image sites for the Mars Observer spacecraft.  I achieved my Masters and Ph.D.  in Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma.  At OU, I studied hurricanes, chased tornadoes, and looked at lightning from "above" (using satellite data) and "below" (by launching instrumented weather balloons into severe thunderstorms), with the ultimate goal of gaining a better understanding of lightning on the planet Jupiter.

I also have a lifelong love of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  Writing SFF has always been my master plan.  Though I went to the University of Oklahoma for its top-rated meteorology department, serendipity landed me at one of the only schools in the country with a professional writing program.  I took advantage of this happy coincidence--"moonlighting" with classes and independent study on structuring and writing novels.

My other interests include: reading, drawing, amateur radio, table-top RPGs, volunteering for the American Red Cross, long road trips, hiking and being outdoors, martial arts, and figure skating.  The wind has blown me from Iowa, to Massachusetts, to southern California, and to Oklahoma--where it seems to have set me down for a while.  And my wonderful husband, rambunctious children, and loyal cat keep life happy and interesting.

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